Maria – Dental Hygienist

added on: December 21, 2020
Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD in Juneau, Alaska

Maria is a graduate of Eastern Washington University and has well over a decade of experience in dentistry. As your dental hygienist, she’s responsible for helping you reach your goals in a way that fits into your life. She supports patients who seek oral and whole-body health. Maria says she’s also here to help her fellow team members. Maria is proud of our work because our goal is to do the least amount of dentistry as possible throughout your lifetime and cut down on emergencies or urgent, unexpected care. Maria and team do this by looking at your mouth with the next 20 to 30 years in mind while considering your whole body health. She loves that the team also has extensive extra training and full mouth reconstruction, smile design, implants, and gum health. Maria is patient, kind, curious, hopeful, and always growing. When she’s not busy as a dental hygienist, Maria says she loves exploring the world together with her husband and daughter, who always make life fun. She also likes fishing, playing games, bullet journaling, spending time outside, learning new things, and adding them to her mental toolbox.

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