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There is nothing more important to the team at Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD than YOU. You, your comfort, your dental and overall health are the center of our practice’s universe. It’s why Dr. Pinney has invested in both technology and training, and why he continues to strive to improve his techniques – all day, every day.

Our Juneau Dental Practice – Your Comfort

Here to Keep Southeast Alaska in Smiles

We take the responsibility of providing advanced dental care to our Juneau friends and neighbors seriously. But it is not only our duty, it is also our pleasure. We love seeing lives transformed through the power of comprehensive dental care. We seek excellence everyday.

Our Dental Practice – Your Comfort

Relationship-Based Dentistry

Have you ever felt more like a number than a person during your health care? It’s happening more and more as medical and dental practices grow. There may be lots of doctors and dentists and plenty of appointment slots, but it feels hard to build a relationship with your caregiver when you never seem to see the same person from visit to visit. And it’s even harder when your appointment with the doctor is timed, no matter what your situation might be. Here at Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD, we offer a more old-fashioned approach. We don’t want any of our patients to feel lost in the shuffle. That’s why Dr. Pinney has worked so hard to build a real, small-town family practice where we remember your name, know you as a whole person, and care all about you.

Relationship-Based Dentistry

Our Care Philosophy

While our relationship style may be old fashioned with small-town warmth and personalization, our dentistry certainly is not. Because we believe in doing more than just fixing teeth as problems arise, even your routine care gets focused attention.

We know that prevention is the best medicine and our thorough cleanings and exams support that tenant. We never rush through your care. Instead, we listen, educate, and work with you to get the strong, beautiful smile you have always wanted and wished for. Working with you means making you a part of your own healthcare team: You make the decisions, you set the pace, you approve the treatment plan. High-pressure dentistry is just not our style. Ultimate health, relaxed comfort, and clear and friendly communication is.

So, in case you didn’t quite get it yet, here’s our philosophy in a nutshell – we put you and your needs first. No compromise, no questions asked. Just:

  • Straightforward and honest assessments
  • Clear communication
  • A commitment to designing a treatment plan within your budget
  • Advanced technology
  • And profound health and comfort

It’s what we think everyone in Juneau deserves.

Our Care Philosophy

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