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It may not take a village to have a gorgeous, healthy smile, but you do need a talented, highly-trained team you can trust. At Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD you’re backed by some of the most amazing, friendly dental health professionals you’ll find at any dental office in Juneau. They’re always on your side, providing educational, state-of-the-art care to build strong, healthy Juneau smiles.

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Our Juneau Team Makes Dentistry Easy

Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD in Juneau, Alaska

Maria – Dental Hygienist

Maria is a graduate of Eastern Washington University and has well over a decade of experience in dentistry. As your dental hygienist, she’s responsible for helping you reach your goals in a way that fits into your life. She supports patients who seek oral and whole-body health. Maria says she’s also here to help her fellow team members. Maria is proud of our work because our goal is to do the least amount of dentistry as possible throughout your lifetime and cut down on emergencies or urgent, unexpected care. Maria and team do this by looking at your mouth with the next 20 to 30 years in mind while considering your whole body health. She loves that the team also has extensive extra training and full mouth reconstruction, smile design, implants, and gum health. Maria is patient, kind, curious, hopeful, and always growing. When she’s not busy as a dental hygienist, Maria says she loves exploring the world together with her husband and daughter, who always make life fun. She also likes fishing, playing games, bullet journaling, spending time outside, learning new things, and adding them to her mental toolbox.

Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD in Juneau, Alaska

Tessa – Dental Assistant

Tessa has been working in the field of dentistry for well over two decades. As a dental assistant, she’s responsible for helping the doctor, making sure your comfortable during a procedure, and lending a hand to her team members as needed with multiple duties so that we can all ensure the practice runs smoothly. Tessa made her way into dental care at a young age, having the opportunity to work in an orthodontic office while deciding what career path to follow. When you work with Tessa, you’ll find that she’s very kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, and maybe a little shy. She says she loves being a part of our team because of the level of care, comfort, and education we provide for all patients. Tessa has enjoyed volunteering with many sporting activities with her kids over the years, including Juneau Parks and Recreation, Gastineau Channel Little League, and other organizations. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors and educating/improving herself in other aspects of life and family.

Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD in Juneau, Alaska

Karen – Dental Hygienist

Karen is a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and has been working in dentistry for nearly a decade. What she loves best about being a dental hygienist is keeping people smiling and helping others achieve their optimal oral health. Karen enjoys teaching people about oral health and the connection to the body and seeing the positive impact routine dental care can have on a person. She became interested in dentistry due to a lifelong fascination with teeth and a love for visiting the dentist as a child. Karen loves being a part of our team because of the profound level of care, coupled with Dr. Pinney’s solid, honest, and unique approach to helping patients reach their tooth and smile goals. She admires the excellence Dr. Pinney and the team seek every day. When you work with Karen, you’ll find she’s interested in your needs, curious, kind, and an excellent helper. When she’s not taking care of smiles, Karen loves going on outdoor adventures, hiking, running, skiing, camping, traveling, reading, yoga, and soaking up sun rays any opportunity she can get.

Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD in Juneau, Alaska

Julie – Dental Assistant

Julie is another of our talented dental assistants who work closely with Dr. Pinney to ensure you’re comfortable and cared for when you are in the dental chair for any type of treatment. She chose a career in dentistry because it provided a new, exciting learning experience, and, in the end, her job is all about helping and making people smile. Julie says working alongside Dr. Pinney is rewarding for both herself and his patients due to his clear vision to deliver comprehensive dental care to all patients. Before dentistry, Julie worked in hospitality and film production. When you meet her, you’ll find that Julie is curious, creative, caring, and charismatic. Outside of the office, Julie enjoys hiking, fishing, foraging, and embracing all things Alaskan. She also loves ballet, horses, traveling, and watching movies.

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