Taking care of your teeth at home is vital. We recommend brushing and flossing after every meal, when possible. And of course, the morning and bedtime routine should be habitual for every member of your household. We love to hear our Juneau patients reporting in on ways they help making brushing fun for their kids! But dental hygiene does not end at home. For your mouth to stay truly healthy, it needs some professional help regularly. That’s true even if you have an ultrasonic toothbrush and an oral irrigator.

Bacteria from plaque and tartar build-up no matter how careful you are. And that buildup of bacteria on your teeth and below the gum line is the primary cause of gum disease. That’s a big deal because gum or periodontal infections have been linked to everything from loose teeth and bad breath to systemic inflammation, cardiovascular issues, and cancer. We use the most advanced technology, including Piezo ultrasonic scalers and intra-oral cameras, to make your experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. Why not make regular cleanings from your Juneau dentist, Dr. Benjamin Pinney, part of a healthy lifestyle starting today?