We can’t say enough about what a benefit Dr. Pinney’s Kois training is to our patients. Kois trained dentists want to be more than good dentists – they want to be great dentists – and that means offering dentistry that goes above and beyond the norm. Many of our Juneau patients feel this most keenly during their first, comprehensive exam. An exam from Dr. Benjamin Pinney, DMD, is a true comprehensive exam. It starts with a conversation, if you want, during which Dr. Pinney listens to your concerns and uncovers all you want to share about your dental and medical history. Once the initial, get-to-know-you conversation is complete, Dr. Pinney and his team will:

  • Capture full-mouth digital x-rays or panoramic x-rays, as well as 3-D, cone beam imaging when necessary
  • Screen your soft tissue for signs of dry-mouth, oral cancer, infection, or other problems
  • Examine your teeth for cavities, signs of decay, wear, or damage
  • Assess your gum and bone risk levels
  • Execute a biomechanical jaw and bite assessment
  • Take into consideration your lifetime dental needs
  • And, when necessary, create a plan of action to get your smile to ideal health.

These in-depth exams provide the baseline for all your future exams and treatment plans, so we never rush you or hurry.